Eco sign

Badge For Green Tech Aspiration


BADGE FOR GREEN TECH ASPIRATION is an Eco sign that symbolise the unity of the like-minded participants and indicates special ideological and ecological marking of the SMEs who support the principles of the green business and implement them in their work.

By using BADGE FOR GREEN TECH ASPIRATION an enterprise admits the ecological component of their work as the most important element of their products and services, they make the society safer, healthier and generally better. An enterprise thus declares its ambition to lower negative influence on the environment and care for the health and safety of the society.

By using BADGE FOR GREEN TECH ASPIRATION the management of the company declare their adherence to the following basic principles:

to develop the business that benefits the public, economy and the environment;

to aim for the production that is manufactured, transported, used, utilised or recycled with maximal safety;

to ensure safe cooperation with clients, transporters, suppliers, distributers and contractors and inform them on possible dangers and risks if any occur as a result of production or its use;

to develop safe and sustainable building objects and use them in an ecologically safe way;

to facilitate prevention of pollution, minimisation of the waste, saving energy and other important resources at each stage of the production cycle;

to cooperate with experts and implement systems of effective and sustainable safety, healthy lifestyle, clean environment, international industry regulations and standards;

to support educational and academic programmes that seek to protect the environment, care for the personnel’s and clients’ health and use green energy sources;

to demonstrate the responsible approach, facilitating and helping other companies to adhere to these working principles.

Holders of BADGE FOR GREEN TECH ASPIRATION share the ideology of the sustainable ecological development, which is based on the economy formed on the leading knowledge and not on the higher use of natural resources.

Our company SIKNECO TECHNOLOGIES LTD offers all SMEs who share and support our principles of economic development to join our “GREEN TECH ASPIRATION” Partnership and acquire the right to use the “GREEN TECH ASPIRATION” Eco sign in their commercial activities.

You can read the terms of the license agreement HERE.

After signing the license agreement, partner will be issued a CERTIFICATE confirming the right to use the  “GREEN TECH ASPIRATION” Eco sign .